Electra Energy Solutions

The Electra M&E Service Division invites customers to enjoy Electra Energy Solutions unparalleled service, getting rid of energy-draining systems. Instead, it's time to benefit from high-quality, eco-friendly energy systems that are more efficient and much less expensive to operate.

By upgrading air conditioning, heating, municipal lighting, and old electrical systems, Electra Energy Solutions has saved hundreds of thousands of shekels for factories, industrial facilities, hotels, malls, and office buildings around the country.
We combine financial stability with extensive know-how, and many years of experience in project management, mechanical, electrical, and control system planning. Along with our professional team, these factors enable Electra Energy Solutions to apply the top engineering technologies and provide advanced solutions that are customized to meet individual customer needs.
Electra Energy Solutions offers a full service package, including control system installation and upgrade, changes to the structural engineering of energy systems, installation of efficient new equipment and technologies, addition of energy-saving system elements, integration of heating and cooling systems, upgrade of municipal and industrial lighting systems, and ongoing monitoring of energy savings. The overriding goal of each of these services is to ensure reliable systems that offer significant cost reductions.