Mobile Service Dashboard

This offers customers direct control over anything done on-site and gives technicians the tools to ensure the quickest, most efficient, and highest-quality service possible, in a completely paperless environment.

  • Service calls: receiving and managing the call, including initiating and closing the call, as well as all required service tasks (issuing replacement parts, documenting information, getting customer confirmation, etc.).
  • Receiving goods from suppliers: when spare parts are needed, the technician will purchase new equipment from the supplier via the company purchasing system.
  • Reporting: all reports needed for control and monitoring of day-to-day operations. 
  • Closing service calls: when the issue has been resolved, an e-report is sent directly to the customer's mailing list. 
  • Annual maintenance plan control: display's each site's customized maintenance plan, including scheduled tasks throughout the year. These tasks are automatically opened in the system at the scheduled time.