As part of our commitment to comprehensive HVAC service and maintenance, Electra M&E is Israel's exclusive distributor of Blygold International products. Blygold, based in the Netherlands, has been a global leader in HVAC coating and corrosion protection for over 40 years.

Regular maintenance of HVAC systems is not enough to completely prevent poor air quality inside buildings. Many components of air conditioning systems carry bacteria and organisms that can have an adverse effect on us all. To ensure maximum protection, Blygold offers coatings that use the most advanced chemical materials to prevent the development of microorganisms.
Blygold operates through all parts of air conditioning systems, providing coil coatings for both condensers and evaporators, renovation of air treatment units (ATU), duct servicing, coil replacement, and diffuser coating.
Customers benefit from a renewed air conditioning system and protected condensers that last longer. A well-cared for system is energy-efficient and has lower electricity and ongoing maintenance costs.